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Experimental Analysis of Behaviour Group (EABG)

Information For Presenters


If you are interested in running a workshop, please email c.hughes@bangor.ac.uk


If you are experiencing any problems with the submission forms, please email c.hughes@bangor.ac.uk


General information for delegates and presenters

Please read the foillowing information for presenters before submitting your absracts.

Audio / Visual equipment

All presenting rooms will be equipped with computer, projector and traditional OHP (or visualiser). UCL also have technicians on standby throughout the conference; they have been extremely helpful in the past. If you have any special technical requirements please contact me and I will try and accommodate these (email: Carl Hughes). Many presenters also bring their own laptop computer and this has worked very well in the past. It is advisable to bring additional copies of your talk in case of technical problems (copy on CD, and hard copy on acetate).

Continuing Education CE for BCBA and BCABA

Many of the sessions, symposia, keynote addresses, and workshops will carry BCBA / BCABA CE credits. Please email me directly if you want your presentation or workshop to count for CE credits and I will send you the necessary forms to be completed (email: Carl Hughes). We will then review the application to verify that the BACB requirements have been met and you will be notified if your event is suitable.

This year there will NOT be any additional charge for EABG 2009 registered delegates claiming BCBA / BCABA credits.

Go to www.bacb.com, or email Carl Hughes, for more information on the BACB CE requirements.

Presentation formats

Paper presentation / Individual talk

These are individual oral presentations concerned with any area of experimental, applied or conceptual aspects of behaviour analysis. Individual talks last 20 minutes including questions time. EABG organising committee will attempt to place your talk within a related symposium and nominate a suitable chairperson for the session.


A symposium is at least 3 talks that focus on a related theme. The Chairperson is responsible for the submission of the symposium abstracts. The chairperson may also allocate time to offer discussants remarks on the symposium. This is the responsibility of the chairperson to organise. If appropriate, when submitting the symposium information, treat the discussant’s time as an additional talk scheduled following the last presenter.

Panel Discussion

A panel discussion consists of several speakers who usually address a common or related theme. Panel discussions are also open to the audience to comment and question the speakers. The chairperson is responsible for organising and submitting a panel discussion. We would typically allocate approximately 1 hour for a panel discussion (please specify if you require longer than this in the appropriate field when submitting).

Chairpersons responsibilities

Please designate a chairperson when submitting a symposium (at least 3 related talks) or panel discussion. It is the responsibilities of the chairperson to make sure the session and individual talks start and end on time and to open the discussion for questions from the audience.


These are usually more practically focused sessions aimed at giving attendees some direct experience of the particular area being covered. Typically there will be time for the attendees to practice and use the skills being demonstrated and often they will be supplied with additional materials to take away with them (key papers, CDs with course materials, etc.). Workshops are offered as half day, morning or afternoon (3 hours) or full day (approx. 5-6 hours). Please note we have only limited rooms available for Workshops and these will be allocated on a first come first serve basis. Workshops will be scheduled for Day 3 (8th April). Cost: Full day workshops. Note for workshop presenters: When submitting your abstract please specify the maximum number of people that you will accept on your workshop.

To register online please go to our secure site: Online registration will be available shortly.


Poster presentations

Poster boards mounted upon stands will be provided by the EABG. Each poster board measures 120cm x 180cm. The Posters will be displayed in the common room for viewing during tea and coffee and lunch breaks on Day 1 and Day 2. EABG will allocate you to either of these days. Please have your posters ready by 10.30am on the scheduled day.

Poster Hints: It should be labelled with (i) title, (ii) authors and (iii) affiliations clearly marked. Lettering for this section should not be less than 2.5cm high. A copy of your abstract should be in the top left hand corner. Try and use large lettering, bold type is a lot easier to read. Using arrows also helps to guide the viewer through your presentation and indicates the order in which to read the material. It should be self-explanatory, but please be on hand nearby to answer any questions. It is a good idea to have several copies of your paper printed out on A4 available for interested parties.

Exhibitors Information

If you or your company is interested in reaching this market, we are now offering two excellent opportunities to advertise at the Conference:

Exhibitors' prices

1. EABG Conference Exhibitions

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2. EABG 'FREE - Take One' Exhibits

Have your brochures and publications on display daily at the conference:

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If you would like to advertise at the Annual Conference, please contact me at the address below.