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NEW Updates

  • Two years ago at the he 2013 meeting we held the 50th Anniversary of EABG (Inaugural meeting was held in 1963).

Welcome to the EABG Website.

The EABG is an interdisciplinary group of professionals and students of psychology interested in the experimental and applied analysis of behaviour...read more.





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Call for Papers, Symposia, and Workshops


We are please to announce that the 50th Anniversary meeting of the Experimental Analysis of Behaviour Group (EABG) will be held at University College London, March 30th- April 1st 2015.


Symposium, papers, and posters are invited on experimental, applied, and conceptual aspects of behaviour analysis and learning. Titles and abstracts (150 words maximum) should be submitted electronically via our web page before February 24th, 2015.


Submission deadline has now passed for symposia, verbal and poster presentations.The EABG committee will now process all submissions and inform authors of decision ASAP.


If you are interested in running a workshop, please email c.hughes@bangor.ac.uk


Conference Registration


European Journal of Behavior Analysis (EJOBA) Special EABG Edition



We are pleased to announce that the EJOBA will be printing another Special EABG edition of the journal to be published in December 2013. The EJOBA is issuing an open invitation to EABG presenters to submit manuscripts for peer review to be included in this special edition. Deadline for submissions of manuscripts for the journal is 5th July 2013.  For more information including preparation of manuscript guidelines, visit the EJOBA web page (http://www.ejoba.org/) or contact the EJOBA editor Erik Arntzen (erik.arntzen@equivalence.net).


UK Society for Behaviour Analysis (UK-SBA)


We are also pleased to announce that the official launch of the UK Society for Behaviour Analysis (UK-SBA) will take place at this year’s EABG meeting. UK-SBA is a non-profit membership organisation committed to advancing the science and effective and ethical practice of Behaviour Analysis, with the aim of broadening public awareness of the discipline, and promoting and disseminating relevant research studies. Further details will soon be available from thier web site - http://uk-sba.org/



Accommodation and Travel

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